Who we are

Geovertical Ltd is a young company but his heart has a long history; in 1995 the surveyor Giuseppe Labanca starts working on the consolidation of rock faces. At that time there were no existing instruments: the intuition, the ability to observe the rock and the willingness to learn were more important than anything else. These features that were never lost, combined with the experience and investments in technology, led to the foundation of Geovertical Ltd in 2013.

Our team Geovertical, led by Labanca as manager, Technical Director and Legal Representative, consists of rock climbers and specialized mountaineers. These are all experts who are familiar with the environment, the land, the materials and the most advanced techniques.


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The company's mission can be summarized in two words: security and protection. Geovertical interventions aim to counter the unpredictability of nature. The primary purpose of Geovertical is to safeguard human lives, inhabited centers, roads and all that can be threatened by sudden landslides and subsidence of land and rock walls.

The concept of preservation instead is directed to the nature itself. Geovertical in fact works for the restoration and the "renaturalization" of degraded environments in the full knowledge that by respecting and protecting nature, the risk of landslides dangerous to humans are drastically lowered.




Special equipment

Underlying the company's mission there is technology at the service of the experience.

The high quality of work that we carried out is possible thanks to the last generation equipment that Geovertical team knows and employs with mastery and thoroughness. The specialization of the staff, the use of exclusive techniques, cutting-edge technical resources, innovative technologies: these are the characteristics that allow the Geovertical Ltd to face the most unusual logistical situations and carry out complex operations, optimizing costs and reducing to a minimum the overall dimensions and delays.





Modus Operandi and Certifications

For the company it is crucial to operate according to law and to follow the Community directives. This policy is demonstrated by the certifications obtained:

SOA Certificate through SOARINA S.p.A. Accreditation Body for the category OS12b ranking III°

Quality Certification through QLuce Ltd Certification Body