Musco Pier - Ponza Harbor: drilling with special equipment


As part of the restructuring work of Musco pier damaged by storms, Geovertical performed interventions to strengthen the head of the pier in order to restore the security and immobility status of the pier.

The intervention of structural adjustment carried out by Geovertical was to consolidate the front top of the dock with the execution of 80 rods from 3 mt with 35 ° tilt, with self-drilling rods R38 with plate and lock nut. The perforations were made with rotary percussion drilling with the drilling head pressurized in order to act below the sea level. The drilling head was mounted on a slide placed on the arm of an excavator and everything was radio-controlled by an operator at distance .

Afterwards we proceeded to the packaging of the tie rod and the subsequent laying inside the drilled hole, injected with cement mortar when low tide allowed the draining of the hole. Once the tie rod was completed there was the realization of an anchoring structure by blocking the tie rods with nut and locking plate.