Customer: Anas                       General Contractor: Italsarc scpa                   - Execution time 06/2014 – 01/2018 (progress)


On the 11th of June 2014 the works to extend and modernize the Macro lot 3.2 of the motorway Salerno – Reggio Calabria started. Works focus on a stretch of the A3 motorway of about 20 km between the junction of Laino Borgo (km 153.400) and the junction of Campotenese (km 173.900) in the province of Cosenza.

The construction of the new route, which is developed entirely in mountain areas, includes numerous and challenging works in galleries and viaducts, including the famous Italia Viaduct and Jannello Viaduct which represent two of the most important infrastructure projects of the country.

Geovertical Ltd., on behalf of the General Contractor Italsarc  scpa, is involved in different construction sites and in particular in the consolidation work of the batteries (pile) of Jannello Viaduct and the work of restoration of Pillar 13 of Italia Viaduct, it is the highest Italian motorway viaduct, the second in Europe and one of the highest in the world.

macrolotto salerno reggio RID

Italia Viaduct

The consolidation work carried out by Geovertical on Pillar 13 was aimed at restoring the structural continuity and at the same time at increasing the performance characteristics of the pillar. More specifically the team proceeded with the installation of Dywidag bars Ø 40 anchored to the slope by iron beams UPN at 700 T via jacks and hydraulic power units.

 Later to allow in complete safety the demolition of four spans of the old southbound carriageway already prepared, we put in place "a special passive safety system of pillars” consisting in installing on each pillar, starting from the base up to a height of about 15 meters, metal structures (beams HEB 280) in order to protect the pillar from the fall of the demolished structure.

With the aid of many resources and teams specialized in working at high altitude, Geovertical has completed numerous projects such as:

  • mechanical and manual partial demolition on existing pier caps of the viaduct
  • installation of anti-seismic measures, consisting of two plates, both fixed orthogonally to each of the deck beam which rests on the pier cap
  • laying on the top of the new pillars some metal protections for the debris caused by the explosion of the spans (northbound carriageway – Salerno side)

Jannello Viaduct

Works on Jannello Viaduct, performed by Geovertical, concerned the structural reinforcement of existing pillars that have been re-used to give support to the new metal bridge deck that was built on the viaduct to be demolished; to ensure that the pillars would support twice the weight they have been reinforced at the top with Dywidag Ø 40 at 700/800 T via jacks and hydraulic power units.

In addition to the above works, along the entire length concerning Macro lot 3.2, the company is engaged in numerous minor works such as:

  • wall consolidation
  • excavations
  • fauna boardwalks
  • bulkheads

installation of concrete and iron ribs