Flexible net barriers against debris flows

In the winter of 2015 Geovertical carried out works to reduce the risk of debris flow along a riverbed in the municipality of Terranova Pollino (PZ) in Basilicata. For the realization of such works regional planners opted for frangicolate barriers "Debris Flow", which were preferred to the more traditional concrete barriers, which are more complicated, more expensive and more impacting both from an aesthetic and maintenance point of view.

The Debris flow barriers are created to retain debris flows both in mud and water matrix and in rock matrix and are made of one net with flexible rings that makes the barriers capable of absorbing considerable dynamic and static loads. They can be installed on any type of slope, which can be inside or outside valleys and watersheds, providing in function of the morphology the use of struts or not.

In this case, the solution adopted by Geovertical involved the use of barriers with support struts and anchors in spiral cable installed directly in the channel of the stream. The ring net is attached at upper and lower support ropes, partly equipped with braking rings.