The phenomenon of the fall of rocky portions along the slopes, known as "falling rocks", and the danger of avalanches constitutes one of the major geological risks that have to face people and different types of infrastructure, which are present in rocky and mountain environments.

Geovertical, thanks to a consolidated know-how, to the technical preparation of personnel and a wide availability of working means, specializes in the production of rockfall and snow barrier structures, laid on any land and under the most difficult conditions.

The barriers used by Geovertical to protect against rockfall phenomena are energy dissipating deformable structures with energy class ranging from 100 kJ to 5000 kJ. The energy absorption capacity (serviceability and ultimate limit state) have been tested by national and international university institutes in the field equipped for vertical drop tests. The rockfall barriers are used for passive interventions with deformable screens of interception for the protection of slopes; due to their high versatility they can be used with any arrangement, and in protection, for example, of towns, roads or railways. Thanks to the combination with other passive interventions (eg. Rockfall valleys) or active intervention they may be installed in limited spaces.