Autostrada A3 Località Mormanno - Committente Italsarc
Autostrada A3 Località Mormanno - Committente Italsarc

The consolidation of rocky walls interests areas of our territory which are more and more man-made and where you need to ensure security and protection against falling rocks. The techniques and methods of intervention vary greatly according to the facilities or infrastructure to defend.

The following are the different types of consolidation.

Wall surface covering with a wire net with double twist adherence
After the cleaning of the vegetation from the wall surface and barring the unstable parts we proceed with the installation of a double-twist wire net of various types (galvanized, plasticized, electrocoloured) depending on the environmental context, and of various sizes and resistance depending the crushing of the wall or of the material that composes it.

Covering with steel rope panels
Armed steel rope panels contain, superficially consolidate, wrap clusters or strongly fractured rock portions with the possibility of pairing with interventions soil nailing and environmental engineering.

A geocomposite can be used as an environmental technology to reinforce the structure of a soil, both from the point of view of the composition and for the "grip" in case of strong slope. It can also have a draining function. Being a recent type of material, it has been developed in various types by different companies and it is therefore patented with various names, and there are different types on the market.

Ring panels
Concatenated rings Panels, made for continuous and reciprocal concatenation of a ring with 4 adjacent. The ring is made of a continuous closed wire strand made with splicing. Ring panels are used in active and passive interventions for the stabilization and consolidation of slopes. Active interventions - surface reinforcement along rocky slopes in a simple mode or reinforced with a net of ropes - bandage or sling of rocky elements disjointed or isolated – deep nailing soil interventions like soil-nail. Passive interventions - curtain nets to stop blocks of rock or ice - deformable elastic rockfall barriers measures.

Special nets
The special nets used by Geovertical are made of high strength steel wire, 2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm, can be applied on virtually any type of slope, it is rocky ground or dissolved due to their high resistance (tractions in excess of 1770 N / mm²). With the installation of these special nets Geovertical offers a proven method and certificate that provides maximum stability even in harsh environments can also be fixed firmly on uneven ground and for containment of sharp edges, no damage and thus without losing their mechanical properties.
They are characterized by a particular shape of the mesh which transfers the forces to nails with high efficiency, preventing any deformation within the system. The exceptionally good high-strength steel wire weight-resistance for easy transport and installation. The unstable slopes are consolidated over time with minimal visual impact.