Barring is to remove parts or fragments of rock at risk of detachment and fall. To define and plan the actions necessary to the safety of the rocky cliffs, Geovertical uses precise inspections with mountaineering techniques. The situation of risk may be determined by natural factors such as rainfall, water flow, phenomena of freezing and thawing, or by factors linked to galleries and mining sites: a typical example is the uncontrolled destruction of a greater part of that calculated in planning the explosion with the consequent persistence of rock spikes.

Geovertical operates several barring and demolition techniques: they may be implemented with manual equipment or may require a more complex organization, such as when the explosive is the only effective way for the separation of rock masses of large size. Each case must be assessed individually to use the most effective technique.

  • Demolition of unstable boulders with expansive

To perform these demolitions it is necessary to make schematic perforations on the rock. The mortar, properly mixed, is injected into the holes and it flows in these perforations. After about an hour it creates perpendicular cracks and the part of the slope at risk is demolished.

  • Explosive demolitions

Explosive demolitions are carried out where the rock portions at risk of falling are large in size. We proceed with the perforations as a result of calculation and evaluation (also analytical) of the part to be removed and the result to be achieved in order to allow the correct positioning of those parts and the quantity of explosive to be used.

  • Demolition with hydraulic jacks and manual crowbars

These demolitions are performed on areas of wall of particular complexity or risk induced. It is a targeted intervention carried out using high pressure hydraulic equipment and by authorized and highly specialized personnel. The hydraulic jacks and manual crowbars are installed on microzones of the rock in precarious balance and they act "opening" the fracture and thus achieving the gradual separation of the mass to be removed.